Semarang Coastal Resilience Project

Climate change is an inevitable occurrence for coastal cities around the world. As one of the coastal cities in Indonesia, Semarang is a city that is also affected by climate change, especially since it is located directly adjacent to Java sea. As a form of moving together in addressing the impact of climate change, Semarang […]

Loss and Damage Assessment on Climate Change Impact in Pekalongan Raya

Climate change is considered triggered due to global warming due to fossil fuel use and increased concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere. Other human activities such as land clearing and deforestation further increase greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere due to the decreasing ability of carbon sequestration. The increase in the earth’s temperature […]

Developing City-Wide Solid Waste Reduction Concept for the City of Pekalongan

Waste management in Pekalongan are now entering a critical condition due to the limited capacity of the landfill Degayu in waste management. To overcome these problems, being compiled planning regional landfill. Pekalongan also apply other strategies, namely the reduction of municipal solid waste. Urban waste reduction strategies by developing 3R polling station in each village. […]

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Measuring Capabilities Kaligarang

Semarang as a metropolitan city not only save fanfare but also a variety of learning management of the urban environment. Call it rob, floods, ground subsidence, erosion, sanitation, to the management of water resources. Kaligarang including watershed management, one of the rivers in Semarang which is the source of raw water for PDAM Tirta installation […]

Requested City Government Respect Painstaking Efforts Coastal Residents

TUGU – Semarang City Government asked to be prudent in maintaining the coastal area. Nowadays, the coastal communities vigorously defend aggressively planting mangrove ecosystems. But the transition of ownership rights of the coastal area to the private sector, could threaten the ecosystem being restored by the community. Director of Yayasan Bina Karta Lestari (Bintari) Semarang, […]

Effective Press TPS 3R Waste Dumps

BERGASĀ – domestic waste management methods reduce, reuse and recycle (3R) is believed to be able to address the issues pile or accumulation of garbage in residential areas. Environmentalists from the Foundation Bintari Semarang, Amalia Wulansari say, the waste management methods that are unfamiliar in this community has had no legal basis. Therefore, it should be […]

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