BINTARI is a national non-governmental organization engaged in environmental protection and sustainable development. Founded in 1986, BINTARI strives to be long-term partner in the transformation of a resilient and sustainable society by collaborating with various development actors, including government, community, private sector and international institutions. This transformation is realized through educational programs for sustainable development, waste management, disaster adaptation, coastal area management, watershed management and management of the impacts and cause of climate change.





    BINTARI researches independently or with partners to develop environmental management solutions and innovations. BINTARI also carry out some of the research and consultancies that include climate change vulnerability studies, Green House Gas (GHG) emission inventories, Environmental Quality Index (IKLH), Strategic Environmental Studies (KLHS), Gender Studies, Waste Management Planning, and several studies

    Consultant and Trainer

    Consultant and Trainer

    BINTARI provides consultancy and assistance to partners based on knowledge and research results. These services, both technical and non-technical, can be followed by pilot development. These activities include waste management empowerment, coastal ecosystem rehabilitation, climate change adaptation and mitigation, agroforestry and disaster preparedness.

    BINTARI provides training in new knowledge and skills after the research, trial and mentoring stages to ensure that partners can apply the training topics directly. Training includes emissions inventory, environmental monitoring, composting, waste management, coastal rehabilitation, development of natural Batik and many more.

    Testing & Piloting

    Testing dan Piloting

    BINTARI tests the research results through pilot projects collaborating with the community and related stakeholders. During the pilot project, BINTARI provided technical assistance to the community with its expertise in climate change adaptation, urban waste management, climate disaster preparedness, and many more.

    These pilot projects are carried out by mainstreaming aspects and issues of climate change, social inclusion, and gender at every stage of activity. Pilot projects are designed and implemented by a project manager and are encouraged to be replicated in other areas.

    Reflection and Refinement

    Reflection and Refinement

    BINTARI monitors and evaluates the projects implemented to obtain lessons and experiences that will be disseminated. Furthermore, based on the evaluation, the solutions tested through the pilot project are refined and monitored thoroughly for the implementation of future projects.


    Antisipasi Bencana Banjir, Bintari Bersama BPBD Kota Pekalongan Lakukan Pelatihan Water Rescue di Kelurahan Bandengan, Pekalongan

    Antisipasi Bencana Banjir, Bintari Bersama BPBD Kota Pekalongan Lakukan Pelatihan Water Rescue di Kelurahan Bandengan, Pekalongan

    Bintari Bersama BPBD Kota Pekalongan melakukan simulasi water rescue di Kelurahan Bandengan, Kota Pekalongan pada Jumat , 15 Desember 2023. Hal ini bertujuan meningkatkan kapasitas masyarakat dalam menanggulangi bencana banjir yang kerap terjadi di daerah pesisir.   Kegiatan Pelatihan Water rescue ini diikuti oleh 20 peserta dari tim siaga bencana

    22 December 2023
    Monitoring dan Evaluasi Pelaksanaan Program Program Indofood Waste Initiative (IWI) Yogyakarta

    Monitoring and Evaluation of the Indofood Waste Initiative (IWI) Project in Yogyakarta

    Bina Karta Lestari Foundation (BINTARI) and PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur carried out the second phase of monitoring evaluation on the Indofood Waste Initiative (IWI) on December 7th, 2023, at the Grhatama Pustaka Building Yogyakarta. A year after the IWI project, 11 Waste Banks participated in managing the waste of 28 Indomie Food Stalls (Warmindo) in the Umbulharjo Kemantren area.

    8 December 2023
    Program Pilah Sampah Green Warmindo untuk Menumbuhkan Kesadaran Pilah Warga Kota Semarang

    Green Warmindo Waste Sorting Program to Raise Sorting Awareness in Semarang City

    The BINTARI Foundation, in collaboration with PT Indofood Sukses Makmur (Indofood), carried out Phase 3 of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Green Warmindo Semarang Program on November 30th, 2023. The activity at Warung Makan Indomie (Warmindo) was attended by 38 Warmindo managers in the Tembalang Cluster and 27 Warmindo managers in the Gunungpati Cluster.

    1 December 2023
    Sekretaris Daerah Manggarai Barat Terima Kunjungan Tim Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) Bersama Mitra Kerja Local Yayasan Bina Karta Lestari (Bintari)

    West Manggarai Regional Secretary Receives a Visit from the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) Team Together with Local Working Partners Bina Karta Lestari Foundation (BINTARI)

    The Regional Secretary of West Manggarai Regency, Fransiskus S. Sodo, accompanied by the Head of the Local Development Planning Agency of West Manggarai, was pleased to receive a visit from the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) team together with local work partner the BINTARI, (22/11).

    23 November 2023
    Petani Tambak Lima Desa Ikuti Pelatihan Perikanan Berkelanjutan untuk Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim

    Five Fish Farmer Groups Participate in Sustainable Fisheries Training to Adapt Climate Change

    Pekalongan- Climate change is getting worse impacting the fishermen and fish farmers in Wonokerto District, Pekalongan Regency. Sea level rise is increasing at the peak of the high tide season and the recent dry season is getting longer. Many fish ponds are affected: submerged ponds, high salinity water, and stressed fish. To anticipate further impacts, groups of fish farmers and fishermen from five villages (Pecakaran, Api-Api, Tratebang, Semut, and Wonokerto Kulon) took part in training on sustainable aquaculture as an adaptation to climate change.

    23 November 2023
    Seminar Penutupan Proyek DOW Indonesia x BINTARI: Integrasi Bank Sampah dan TPS 3R sebagai Tulang Punggung Daur Ulang Sampah Kota

    Closing Events of DOW Indonesia x BINTARI Project: Integration of Waste Bank and TPS 3R as the Backbones for City Waste Recycling

    Semarang – BINTARI Foundation in collaboration with PT DOW Indonesia is implementing a waste management improvement program through the integration of governance and waste processing of Waste Bank (Bank Sampah) and TPS 3R in Semarang City. “Waste management is a complex matter, it is not merely an issue faced in Indonesia, but also in the world. Therefore, DOW hopes to contribute to sustainable waste management practices through collaboration with BINTARI,"

    16 November 2023